iBegin® Interactive Software

Learn to play piano or a keyboard and be accompanied by a virtual piano when you learn with iBegin®!

If you've never played a piano or keyboard before, don't worry - iBegin® Piano will show you everything you need to know.

You can even slow down or speed up the playback of the music to suit yourself without changing the pitch of the music.

You'll be able to see clearly which fingers are to be used when learning new notes with iBegin's unique interactive keyboard diagram.

You'll be able to use an interactive keyboard chart so that you can check that the the note you're playing is correct.  Just click on the one of the keys and you'll hear the note that you should be playing. You can also click on any note in your Sibelius® e-book.

There are 45 interactive exercises containing fingering instructions as well as 18 tunes to play in iBegin® Piano.

In iBegin® Piano, you'll learn about: Finger numbering, Notes of Bass and Treble clefs from F2 to A5, Hand and Arm Position, Bars & Bar Lines, Whole Bar rest, Time values of notes, Dotted half note, Crescendo, Decrescendo, Dotted quarter note, Time signatures, Slur, Staccato, Rests, Sharp, Flat & Natural, Dynamic markings, Tempo markings.

You'll learn how to use the playback function of the award-winning Sibelius® notation program.

To download your free section or to buy the complete iBegin® Piano, please click here.


If you are a teacher of individual students, you can use iBegin® to extend your students' learning time beyond their weekly lesson safe in the knowledge that it is virtually impossible for a student to play a wrong note when learning with iBegin®.

If you are a class teacher with a keyboard lab, you can display iBegin® Piano on a screen by using a projector.

You'll be able to select single or discontiguous instruments to play back from the full score, or whole sections or parts of sections, to enable students to hear their parts alone or in conjunction with other parts.  The facility to be able to slow down the playback is invaluable to beginners experiencing difficulties with certain passages or techniques.

You can select which hand to playback by highlighting the first bar of any exercise or piece of music and then pressing P on your keyboard. You can stop the playback by using the space bar.

Contact me by using the contact form if you'd like a site license for your school.

What equipment will I need?

iBegin® Piano only works with computers running Mac or Windows operating systems, but not with Android® or the iPad®, unfortunately.

So how can I get started with iBegin®?

First, register and then download the free first two lessons. If you are under 13 years of age, please ask a parent or guardian to complete the registration form. Install the Sibelius® demo for your computer's operating system by downloading it here:    Launch the iBegin® file and you're away!

If you have already tried the free part of iBegin® Piano, or already know about iBegin® and would like to buy the course, it will cost just US$13.50.  You will need a credit card or a PayPal® account in order to buy iBegin®. If you are under 13 years of age, please ask a parent or guardian to complete the download registration form and make the payment from this link: iBegin® Piano

Print out the parts before you start a new lesson so that you can put them on your music stand.  If you have no printer, you can play from the screen, but you will find learning with iBegin® much easier if you have a printer.

Who wrote iBegin® Piano?

Bob Hayden-Gilbert,  a professional musician, conductor, composer, arranger and teacher who has been a musician since he was 3 years old.  To find out more about Bob, visit http://www.original-works.co.uk  or look in "Baron's Who's Who Of The World, Millennium Edition" or the "International Who's Who in Classical Music".  To send feedback, please send an e-mail to feedback@ibegin.info  iBegin® is only available in English, but if there are enough requests for other languages, I will consider making translations.  To download the free section or to order the complete iBegin® Piano, please click here.

iBegin® - Changing the way beginners learn.

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